Tips for Resin Beginner

Top 10 tips for the resin beginner, shared by Darrelle

  1. Epoxy resin crafts are on trend! Don’t be afraid to try something new. Give it a try, then if it doesn’t turn out exactly as you planned, you might discover something new.
  2. Wear gloves. Nitrile ones are great. They are durable yet thin enough you can feel what you’re doing.
  3. Cover your work surface, wax paper works wonderfully for this.
  4. Always wear clothes that can be ruined.
  5. If you’re working over top of a nice carpet, put down an old sheet or cloth fabric wider than the area you’re working in.
  6. Mix SLOWLY and scrape the sides and bottom of your cup often. Remember to read the instructions on the label CAREFULLY, because different brands have different mixing instructions. Also, you can't look at it and think: close enough, whatever... It has to be exact, or else it's going to be either too watery, or, it won't set.
  7. Cure your resin in a location that’s level.
  8. Don’t touch your project until it’s cured. (Look on the instructions that came with the resin to know when that will be.)
  9. Relax, you can fix most “ooops”.
  10. Always keep in mind: “There are no mistakes, only happy little accidents.”

Happy Crafting!